DMT Technical References

Recent References Prepared by Professor Marchetti

  1. Marchetti S. (1999) "Sand liquefiability assessment by DMT", L'Aquila University, Italy, International Technical Note submitted to .. (draft May 1999)
  2. Marchetti S. (1999) "On the calibration of the DMT membrane", L'Aquila University, Italy, International Technical Note (draft March 1999)
  3. Marchetti S. (1998) "Dilatometer testing and its application",Paper prepared for the seminars organized by the China Site Investigation Association in Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou June-July 1998, 9pp.
  4. Marchetti S. (1997) "The Flat Dilatometer: Design Applications". Third geotechnical Engineering Conference, Cairo University, Jan 1997, Keynote Lecture, 26pp.
  5. Marchetti S. (1999) "The Flat Dilatometer and its Applications to Geotechnical Design", Collection of 80 overheads presented at the International Seminar on the DMT held at the Japanese Geotechnical Society, Tokyo, 12 Feb 1999.

Please E-mail to Professor Marchetti to obtain copies of his papers.


Other References Available from this site:

GPE DMT Digests
  1. GPE DMT Digest 10
  2. GPE DMT Digest 11
  3. GPE DMT Digest 12
  4. GPE DMT Digest 13


DMT References

  1. The Flat Dilatometer: Design Applications (Marchetti, Cairo), 1997
  2. The Flat Dilatometer Test (US DOT FHWA by TAMU), 1992
  3. Guidelines for Geotechnical Design Using the Marchetti DMT (DMT User Manual)
  4. Opinions by Users and Researchers
  5. Other DMT References (Request by E-mail)


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