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GPE, inc. is introducing the 1998 upgrade version of our Sidewall Sampler and Caliper System. Portions of this system were previously only available as part of our Drilled Shaft Inspection Device (SID). The system now includes a hoisting tripod, an Extension Tracking Device, and a Sample Extruder. These new components are added to a system that includes the Sidewall Sampling and Testing Device, the Sidewall Sampling/Caliper Tools, the modified Enerpac Hydraulic Pump, the hydraulic hoses and reels, and storage/shipping cases.


Hydraulic Sample Extruder Hydraulic Hose
Hydraulic Sample Extruder maintains sample integrity


Dual Line Hydraulic Hose provided in convenient 50’ lengths on sturdy storage reels


Stainless Steel Tools Hand Pump
Durable Stainless Steel Tools for sampling soil & rock, penetration testing, and for positional calipering Multi-purpose Hydraulic Hand Pump provides efficient control of all equipment



Adjustable Tripod Hoisting Unit with durable Baked Powder Coat finish.
Tripod Hoisting Unit provided with plate-style feet and shaft casing mounts.
Side Wall Samplers available for shafts 36" to 84" in diameter.
Testing and Sampling depths to 200 feet.
Dual soil or rock samples taken at desired depth intervals.
Standard Cone Penetration tests for drilled shaft sidewalls.
Flat plates for positional calipering and/or lateral load test design.
Extension tracking device conveniently provides tool extension and pressure.
Available for immediate lease with or without operator.


Please call or E-mail for prices.


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