GPE, Inc. introduces the Slurry Sampler, Model 3 conveniently packaged with Fann Instrument Company’s slurry-testing equipment. GPE’s slurry sampler makes sampling easier which saves time and money for the Contractor, Engineer, and Owner. Fann slurry testing equipment rapidly determines pH, sand content, mud density, and viscosity. Other Fann testing equipment available upon request.


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Adjustable all aluminum positioning arm makes easy work of slurry sampling from drilled shafts Fann Instrument Company. accessories available with the Slurry Sampling and Testing Kit, shown being used in the field



Welded aluminum positioning arm adjusts to fit most drilled shaft casings
All aluminum cylindrical sampler center-stayed for consistent alignment.
Weighted top and bottom cone-shaped stoppers.
Convenient cable reel for hand-held use or use with the positioning arm.
150-ft. sample depths using nylon sheathed stainless steel cable (greater lengths available).
Fann Instrument Company slurry testing products available from GPE, Inc.:
Mud Balance with case.
Marsh funnel viscometer.
Sand content kit.
1000 mL plastic measuring cup.
100 Color pHast® pH Indicator Sticks.
Hydrion pH dispenser with 2 rolls of pH test paper.


Please call or E-mail for prices.



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