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GPE, inc. proudly introduces the new Drilled Shaft Inspection Device (SID). SID-1 was originally developed in the early 1980’s for the Florida Department of Transportation and used on the new Sunshine Skyway Bridge. SID-I and SID-II (placed in service in 1994) have visually inspected the drilled shafts for many bridges over the years.

Reliable Shaft Bearing: Bottom cleanliness has an important effect upon shaft bearing, shear near the bottom of a shaft, and shaft settlement. Many Designers have been uncomfortable designing shafts for end bearing because of unknown bottom conditions. Other recognize that displaced sediments may significantly reduce the side shear for one to two diameters above the bottom. SID was initially developed for inspecting the bottom cleanliness of drilled shafts so that end bearing could be used reliably in design. SID allows for safe inspection in deep holes with water or slurry, which may be viewed at the same time by the Engineer and the Contractor. A permanent record may be made for future reference.

Reliable Shaft Shear: SID also has tools available to investigate the properties of the shaft sidewalls to improve the reliability of design for shaft shear in soil and soft rock. SID has special tools which allow sidewall sampling, investigation of the rate and magnitude of slurry buildup, investigation of the rate and magnitude of sidewall softening, investigation of sidewall strength, and profiles of shaft size.

SID Pays: SID is a valuable inspection tool and a tool to solve difficult drilled shaft construction problems. Use of SID can save valuable time and money for the Owner, Engineer, and Contractor.


SID camera showing 60 mm sediment SID camera showing less than 5 mm of sediment
Sidewall Sampler Sidewall Sample
Sidewall sampler being lowered into a shaft casing Intact sidewall sample following extrusion from sampling tube. Note the slurry build-up on sample end (left side)




Designed and constructed for long life and low maintenance.
Corrosion resistant inspection bell with high resolution color video camera.
Custom designed multi-function umbilical cable to link the service platform to the various inspection tools.
Testing and sampling depths up to 200 feet (greater depths upon request).
A 4 ft by 6 ft climate controlled cabin mounted on a service platform to house the operator, electronic equipment, and system controls.
Specially designed telescoping boom and rotating pedestal used to position the inspection bell.
Hydraulically actuated umbilical storage reel with brake.
On-board water supply, hydraulic, and compressed-air systems.
15 kW self-contained, water-cooled diesel generator.


Equipment available for purchase or lease. Please call or E-mail for prices.


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