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The Downhole Camera System (DHC) is the latest in drilled shaft inspection systems introduced by GPE, inc. The Downhole Camera System was developed because of demand by GPE's clients to be able to visually observe the drilled shaft sidewall soil strata. The Downhole Camera System is easily transported, is very compact and easy to use. The Downhole Camera System is the tool that will safely, quickly, and effectively allow for visual inspection of the excavation sidewalls without having to enter the shaft.

Shaft sidewall conditions have an important effect upon shaft sidewall shear, shear near the bottom of a shaft, and shaft settlement. The Downhole Camera System allows the Owner, Engineer, and Contractor to simultaneously view the shaft sidewalls whether constructed dry or with water. This saves time and money by eliminating the need for multiple inspections and allowing the designer to reduce shaft length due to increased confidence in shaft construction methods and sidewall soil conditions.

The DHC includes a high-resolution color video monitor, a VHS format video recorder, and a condenser microphone. A permanent voice annotated, video tape record is made for each inspection.


Designed and constructed for portability, long life, and low maintenance costs. Air or ground transportable cases are standard.
Corrosion resistant camera housing with high-resolution digital color video camera.
High resolution color video monitor
VCR for recording and playback of inspection
Inspection depths up to 200 feet (greater depths upon request)
Camera rotates 360° horizontally (pan) and 90° vertically (tilt). Allows for 180° vertical view and continuous horizontal rotation. Adjustable speeds: 0.5 - 80°  /second pan and 0.5 - 40°  /second tilt
3.9 - 63 mm lens, color CCD camera with > 470 horizontal lines of resolution. Available with either NTSC or PAL video formats.
Horizontal angle view is 44° @ 3.9 mm (wide angle), 3° @ 63° mm (telephoto)
Automatic focus and iris control, with manual override.
1 lux light sensitivity.
Video signal to noise ratio > 46 dB
Joystick control for zoom lens and camera pan/tilt.
Microphone input provided for annotation of video.
Optional electronic on-screen depth indicator.

Equipment available for purchase or lease. Please call or E-mail for prices.


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